Work With Me

I believe you are so much bigger than your struggle with food is allowing for.  I know that emotional eating has shown up in your life as a means to keep you safe and small.

But you my love are destined to take up space in the world.

Can you resonate with any of the below?

  • Are you constantly judging yourself for your bizarre eating patterns?
  • Do you see yourself as a problem to be fixed?
  • Do you over-analyze everything (especially yourself)?
  • Are you a perfectionist with ridiculously high standards?
  • Do you find yourself planning out every meal (and every other thing)?
  • Are you constantly saying “I should eat/do this” or “I should eat/do that”?
  • Do you find yourself struggling with food sensitivities and digestive issues?
  • Are you extremely self-aware with a deep inner world?
  • Do you find yourself hiding and eating to cope with the shame of hiding?
  • Do you feel lonely with a deep desire to connect with people?
  • Are you whirling in bouts of depression but too conscientious to let anyone know?

I totally get what this feels like…

I used to say “no” to everything.

I would avoid social gatherings, dinner with friends, and even family get togethers.  I wanted to go, I so badly wanted to connect; it just felt too hard.

On the rare occasion I did decide to exit my alone zone, I would ruminate about every detail for hours, maybe even days afterwards.  Did I say the right thing, wear the right thing, act the right way?

I desperately wanted to be around people without worrying about what they thought of me; it just seemed impossible.

I used to look at other women and wonder why I could not be more like them.  Comparing myself was my barometer for feeling okay.  It led to a constant state of jealousy and a permanent sense of feeling not smart/attractive/thin/outgoing/fill in the blank enough.

My existence was a lonely one.  Outwardly I looked independent, but inwardly I felt completely insane.

I yearned to go through the day without compulsively eating or obsessively thinking about every damn thing.

Being alone, anxious, and addicted was all I knew.

Looking back, I see that I was doing the very best I could with the knowledge I had.  We are all doing the very best we can with what know.  Remember this.

If you are reading this now and resonate, know that I would love to share with you everything I have discovered on my path to healing.  Given my immense knowledge of the highly sensitive trait, I am certain I can guide you to a place of freedom. I promise there is a way of living life where we are not overrun with anxiety and addiction.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Mayou Angelou

Having sat through countless unsympathetic therapy sessions where the over arching goal was to “fix” my brokenness, I know that this approach does not work well for the highly sensitive person.  If anything, it keeps us whirling in analysis of ourselves while preventing us from actually living.  I know you are not broken.  I know exactly where you are and I will meet you right there.  No judging, no fixing.