The Sensitive Insider



The idea for this group was born out of my desire to serve Highly Sensitive People and empaths on a large scale in an intimate setting.  Because I can only work with a certain number of 1:1 clients each month, this naturally seemed the next best option.

The Sensitive Insider Community is a place where the HSP/empath can continuously dig deeper in understanding themselves while doing so in a safe environment and in the context of others.

How this will go down >>>

:: Weekly Ustream Video (3o Minutes) – Every Monday at Noon EST

Each week I will be holding a 3o minute Ustream (live video casting through the web) in which I will go into the nuances of being an HSP/empath.  The topics for each weeks call will be based on questions from the community (either mailed ahead of time or shared within the forum).  These calls will be raw and uncensored where I disclose personal experiences as I have found this to be the most potent format for imparting information.  There will be space within the Ustream interface to ask questions and share if desired.  (Not to worry if you cannot be on the Ustream, the video will be recorded and viewable afterwards).


Personal Story (10 Minutes-ish)

Weekly Topic (15 Minutes-ish)

Homework Assignment (5 Minutes-ish)

To give you an idea of the topics covered in each show, below are the weekly shows topics covered in the month of October 2013:

(10/7) LOCATING OUR NEEDS: We hear people say that when we eat when we are not hungry, there is an unmet need.  I think many of us understand this on a logical level but digging in and actually understanding what that need is can prove difficult.  In this weeks show I go into four needs that I feel are essential to a sensitive persons life.

(10/14) ON BEING HUMAN: I find there to be strong internal conflict for many HSP’s wishing to carry out an Earthly existence.  In short, we have much trouble being human.  It is often easier for us to analyze or ruminate than to inhabit our bodies.

(10/21) REDISCOVERING PASSION: Today I shared a personal story highlighting an uncomfortable feeling of apathy or boredom that has been prevalent in my life lately.  For me apathy is the opposite of passion, or better stated the absence of passion.  I tend to drop into apathy when I am unknowingly starving myself with what I call “passion killers”.  I see many sensitive’s struggling in the same capacity and highlighted what I believe to be the top 10 “passion killers” in detail on today’s show.

(10/28) THE DELIBERATE LIFE: I don’t think living deliberately comes naturally to us.  Living a deliberate life looks like responding to what is.  For sensitives, what IS can feel overwhelming and intense so rather than respond from that place we minimize what is. We avoid it, we control it, and we analyze it.  In behaving this way we are reacting rather than responding deliberately.

:: Weekly Newsletter with themes & takeaways from the Ustream

Something to look forward to each Monday evening!  You will receive a newsletter in your inbox recapping the themes of the weeks Ustream. It will be a wonderful focal point for the week ahead.

:: Access to a Private Forum for consistent support/sharing

Being in the context of other HSP’s is immensely healing on so many levels.  It is a chance to be validated and understood but more than anything it skyrockets confidence levels.  We cannot know our own value until we have it reflected it back at us and being part of an HSP community  is an amazing way to begin understanding our value.  The connection and conversation harnessed here will be profoundly healing, I guarantee it.

:: Discounted Opportunity to Work 1:1 —> 50 Minute Q+A Sessions

As a member of The Sensitive Insider Community, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a special 1:1 offering.  50 Minute Q+A Sessions are for the the  Sensitive Insider who is needing support in a more personal way.  Perhaps you need assistance in your entrepreneurial endeavors?  Maybe you want advice around a relationship issue? Or it could be that you jot down a list of things you are curious about and want to spitball with someone who is on the same page!  You can reserve monthly Q+A Sessions and purchase them directly here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

:: 10% off Three Month Mastery Program as well as all group programs (Including The Big Easy)

Open enrollment for The Sensitive Insider operates on a rolling schedule.  As a member of The Sensitive Insider Community, you will be automatically billed monthly ($30/month) based on the day you enroll.  Click below to get started!