The Big Easy

THE BIG EASY :: $300 (Enrollment now OPEN!)

Life used to be incredibly hard for me.

and for no good reason…. 

I come from a wonderful family who’ve provided me with a tremendously abundant life.

My struggle with anxiety, intense addiction to food, perpetual depression, unwavering anxiety and self-doubt had no valid cause, which amplified the shame ten-fold.

I spent well over a decade trying to “fix” myself.

The therapy sessions, self help books, and assortment of programs provided me with incredible self-awareness, yet the self-awareness did nothing for me.  If anything, it made me feel horrid that I could not follow through on attaining the sense of normalcy I so desperately craved.

My chronic sense of “not-okayness” was the catalyst for my addiction to food, analysis, and control. I planned my days around what, where and when I was going to eat.

My existence was incredibly small and extremely lonely.

I so desperately craved connection with people but found myself insecure and holding back in social situations.  The intimate type of friendships and relationships that I wanted seemed so damn far away.

It was impossible to relax into me. I wasn’t even sure who “me” was.

Waking up was hard.

Going about my day was hard.

Even sleeping proved to be difficult.

Life is hard when we try and keep the same pace, eat the same things and function like our best friends, co-workers, and families.  We are different. As Highly Sensitive People, our bodies are genetically wired differently than most and therefore we have VERY specific needs.  If we don’t acknowledge this and instead try to push, control and fight our way through life, it will ALWAYS feel hard.  We will constantly be treading with our head just above water.

Maybe you find yourself in this place? Life feels murky, heavy, and mentally and physically exhausting.

Perhaps you have tried everything and still feel stuck. You might even have a general understanding of your sensitivity, yet still find yourself grappling with overeating, overthinking, and overwhelm. If so, I created this course for you. This program is different than ones you may have tried in the past because it’s created from the ground up with you (the sensitive, empathic, intuitive) in mind.  

The course is cumulatively structured to support the way in which sensitive souls learn, but more importantly is designed to make implementation seamless. I am keenly aware of our ability to collect information without ever really applying it.

It can feel incredibly maddening to invest time and money into endless programs, books, coaching, etc. and yet, the addictive behaviors that have been raging for years do not seem to dissipate. I know what it feels like to logically know EXACTLY what to do, to have every tool possible but somehow struggle with employing that knowledge. If you are in this place, don’t beat yourself up.

Healing from addictive behaviors is NOT logical for the HSP. It MUST take place in the body. It’s a matter of setting up the proper container for our bodies to heal (we will go over what this container looks like in Module #1 as we explore nutrition and exercise for the HSP).

To further aid with the implementation, I have secured six incredibly powerful experts to share their wisdom with you.  Each expert was handpicked to highlight specific information that has not only changed the way I relate to my sensitive body but more importantly, has allowed me to flourish inside of it.  I felt compelled to bring them to you “in-person” (over Skype interviews), so that you could draw insights directly from the source.  What each has to share is powerful beyond what I can convey in words.  I promise you will walk away feeling inspired and that much more in love with the sensitive body you were born into.

Know that I will be with you every step of the way.  I am here to answer questions, comments, and epiphanies that come up over the duration of our four weeks together.  Not to mention, you will be surrounded by other like-minded sensitive souls who will be sharing their insights as well, which will only serve to benefit you.

 The Big Easy takes place over thecourse of four weeks and will include four separate modules (inclusive of Skype Interviews, video, audio, recorded meditations and worksheets/PDFs).  The program will launch on Wednesday, January 1st and will run through Friday, January 31st.

On the Monday of each week, a new module will be released  and on the Friday of each week, I will hold a 60-minute Q+A Call to discuss what has come up for you within each respective module. There will be a forum within the programs interface where you can share insights as well.  (There is no pressure to participate within group conversation, but the support will be there and is highly recommended. I will also be very active within the forum. Think of it as your opportunity for virtual coaching!)

Before digging into the actual course material, it is imperative to first layout a solid foundation.  Within the Introductory Module, we will dig into the essential characteristics of the HSP as defined by Elaine Aaron.  We will also address why those with a sensitive disposition can unknowingly and easily fall into addictions. To better help us understand this correlation, Ane Axford shines a light on her work around the Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs.

Ane AxfordSpeaker/Writer/Coach/Therapist

Ane single handedly changed the way I view my sensitivity.What she has coined as the Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs (mirrored after Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) is profoundly helpful in understanding how we operate in the world.  A huge part of this understanding comes from differentiating between sensation and emotion (transcendence needs and safety needs).  Ane clearly defines this distinction for us while also breaking down each level of the hierarchy.  If you don’t already know and love Ane, you soon will.

Within this module we will go into depth around proper nutrition for the highly sensitive body.  Most emotional eating HSP’s are very versed in health and nutrition facts, yet find themselves struggling with overeating and issues within the body (auto immune, digestive, joint pain, chronic fatigue etc).  We will discuss why that is and what best supports the physical body. We will also go into exercise and what forms of movement best serve us.

Summer Bock: Health Coach/Herbalist/Master Fermentationist

I am beyond excited to bring Summer Bock to you.  She is healing hundreds of people all over the world with her revolutionary approach to gut health.  I speak on behalf of those struggling with digestive issues and mysterious illnesses across the board when I say the road to healing can be arduous and incredibly confusing.  Summer’s approach to healing clarifies and simplifies.  Her passion is contagious and offers a tremendous amount of hope.  What fascinates me most about Summer’s story is how she was better able to manage her sensitivity as she began to heal her gut.  Life became easier to digest as she started digesting her food better.

Adena Rose: Ayurvedic Practitioner/Yoga Instructor

I met Adena when I was on the brink of leaving my corporate job in Manhattan and pursuing a quieter life in Vermont as an entrepreneur.  Adena had already made the move and seemed to manage it so effortlessly.  I have slowly been adopting her potent self-care secrets, founded in Ayurveda, and have fallen into a full-blow love affair with this 5000-year hold healing lifestyle.  What I love about Ayurveda is how it subtly nourishes us on every level and across all senses.  Many of us struggling mentally or physically think we need to do something radical in order to return to optimal health (insert juice cleanses, supplements, and staunch exercise regimes here), when in fact, it is the subtle daily forms of nourishment that truly return us to balance.  Adena’s incredible wisdom shows us precisely how to do this.

Because HSP’s are often overwhelmed by their sensations/emotions, I believe it is vitally important to identify what they FEEL like in the body so that we don’t continuously go numb to them.  The harder-to-feel emotions (self doubt, depression, and anxiety) are especially important to identify, as they are the ones that trigger us the most.

Bree Greenberg Benjamin: Founder of the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy in Burlington, Vermont

I was immediately drawn to Bree’s approach to healing eating disorders and addiction when I first discovered the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy just over a year ago.  We have since become neighbors, collaborators, and fast friends.   What I dig most about Bree’s method to healing is her awareness that most approaches concern themselves with symptom reduction whereas Bree’s approach goes far deeper.  I could not think of a better person to address the anxiety and depression that often plague the sensitive soul who struggles with addiction.  In this interview, Bree shares potent information with us from her decade long study of psychotherapy, yoga, energy healing, and meditation.

As Highly Sensitive People, we are born with an extremely thin barrier to the world and often lack boundaries.  It is important to educate ourselves on what boundaries are so that we can actively put them in place.  This is a BIG concept and one that we discuss in detail across every aspect of our lives (work, nutrition, and relationships).

Nisha Moodley – Women’s Empowerment Coach and founder of FIERCE FABULOUS FREE

Nisha, oh how I love Nisha.  Nisha played a pivotal role in helping me to heal my own struggles with emotional eating, but more than that, she was instrumental in helping me to rediscover my feminine essence.  When we are struggling or striving as sensitive’s, we can unconsciously fall into a very masculine way of being.  Operating purely in the masculine is extremely limiting and keeps us misaligned. In order to attain true freedom, we must learn to dance between the masculine and feminine part of ourselves. Nisha is skilled at helping us strike this dance (by outlining very specific boundaries) so that we can be the creative change makers we were born to be.  Expect to be inspired by this fiercely feminine woman.

The hardest part about emotional eating and high sensitivity is the isolation that often accompanies it.  We crave deeper relationships but have trouble finding and keeping them.  This module will educate you on why connection can sometimes be difficult and how to go deeper, should and when we choose (without being codependent).

Karly Randolph Pitman: Author/Speaker & The Contemporary Voice of Compassion

I have found a sensitive soul sister in Karly Pitman.  The first time I talked to Karly over the phone, I melted into her overwhelming gentleness.  We have walked a spookily similar path of food addiction, depression, anxiety, and utter confusion about being highly sensitive, empathic women.  Karly shares her story with us and offers insight into how she changed her painful habits with food, grew out of her eating disorders, and shifted how she cared for her sensitive nervous system.  There are many who talk about self-compassion on the journey to healing but Karly takes this to a whole other level.  Her relationship with herself is radically inspiring.

“The course information has made life easier by giving me concrete things to try that really truly get to my deep needs. Kate made talking/sharing/typing all feel so safe and supported! This was huge for me.” -Gillian

“I have started to feel a sense of belonging in the world that I have never felt before in my life. I’m also starting to accept myself more as I am as opposed to feeling inherently flawed.” ~Amber

“First and foremost, the course has helped me to begin to see myself and my whole life in a different and better perspective. It has opened up new possibilities for me and my life and the new connections that I’ve made, and the hope for making even more in the future, has brought more to me than I could even imagine – something I’ve been craving for a long time, deep connection.” ~Amy

“I struggle with feeling nervous and in the past this has been crippling worry. It was comforting like nothing else I have experienced to share with other course participants without so much nervousness and to be understood.” ~Kate

Before the course, Iwas struggling with a lack of understanding from many loved ones in my life, I just felt like I could never communicate certain things that were really important to me. Kate’s perspective and research showed me that I was just processing stimuli differently than most other people do. It has already helped me a great deal in my relationships and understanding my own crazy headspace.” ~Brandon

Working with Kate has relieved me of so much guilt. I’ve always felt the need to “help” others but I can’t do that if I don’t take care of my own needs first.  I’ve got a whole new way of seeing my response to others and realized everyone’s problems are not mine.” ~Lynn

“I don’t feel nearly as crazy as I did before.  Simply being able to share stories that the HSP community “gets” was medicinal in itself.” ~Laura

“I thought this was just going to be like one of the million other “self-help” avenues I’ve explored over the years and that I’d just finish it the best I could and hopefully some good would come out of it. But the whole course was put together in such a way that it was easy to understand and take in (which can be a challenge for me at times).  It was divided into easy to digest portions and the information itself was clear and insightful.  And sharing myself on the forum with others, especially strangers, is not something I would normally just do. Just hearing that there are others who are like me, and who have lived like me, and think and act like me, is priceless. Bouncing ideas and revelations off of each other is something I think we all have been craving but is so hard to find. The whole experience was so much more than I could have imagined it would be, and I’m looking forward to going back over the modules and digging even deeper into it on my own to just kind of let the information digest a little more.  I’m thankful that we’ll have extended access to the course.” ~Amy