Short Musings


AUGUST 21, 2014

As the summer winds down and my wedding moves ever closer, I find myself writing vows of commitment to a man I can’t wait to marry. In doing so, the synchronicity of these vows has become clear; I am making a commitment to he and I, but also a commitment to myself.

Marriage is vowing to trust ones own feelings. 

It’s a powerful assertion and one that I only recently feel at peace with.

The past several months have swirled up A LOT. I have mentioned that getting engaged and shopping for a wedding gown proved to be far more than just an engagement or a gown – perhaps the magnitude of this process can be attributed to the declaration that lies at the end of it; unconditional trust.

As HSP’s, trust is something we must relearn. So many of us sensitive’s lack the physical strength and emotional resilience to properly trust what we feel.

We live in an internal state of chaos manifested as a spectrum of digestive, auto-immune and hormonal imbalances. Having faith in our bodies may feel impossible.

We cling, we grasp, we strive. We stay cyclically addicted.

Trusting oneself comes on the other side of our failed attempt to trust what’s outside. It’s a slow recalibration back. For some it starts on the cellular level in repairing the nervous system and for others on a mental level with a conscious intention to move out of chaos.

Whatever our path back to trust, strength grows in tangent. We begin to show up in the world with a map yet don’t feel compelled to cling to its directions. We become strong enough to handle life and the scale of what we feel.

I stand before you with a sense of impeccable strength that has been growing in me over the past several years. From this place I am vowing to feel more and trust unconditionally.


Make the vow with me. Commit to trusting what you feel even when it is easier not to (because it will be).

So much Love.


FEBRUARY 26, 2014

It’s important to focus, not tame, the part of us that feels apprehensive.

Anxiety is just energy.

It cannot be gotten rid of or minimized.

It can, however be focused and transformed into something that feels far less abrasive.

(keep breathing)


FEBRUARY 24, 2014

Thoughts can be imprisoning and often all we know as sensitives. It’s quite difficult to understand that we aren’t our thoughts when our highly reactive minds have been speaking so loudly our entire lives. But know this is simply not true. We are far more than our thoughts. When we can’t ‘figure it out’, it’s […]

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FEBRUARY 19, 2014

Next Friday marks one whole year in Vermont. Holy smokes. There were several reasons for my move to the mountains but my sole intention was to lead a more visible + connected life. Shortly after arriving in Vermont, I learned that my coaching lifestyle was isolating and at times, excruciatingly lonely. I had moved here […]

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FEBRUARY 3, 2014

The term self-love is a bit abstract, isn’t it? Like what does that really mean? To me self-love is a sanctuary between acceptance and letting go. It’s an acknowledgement of pain and a decision to not get muddled in it. It’s living with awareness and feeling without decree. A good friend of mine, Karly Randolph […]

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JANUARY 31, 2014

The process of creating lives based on what we want is monumental. It looks like filling our day with things that make us feel good as opposed to filling our day with things we think we should do. For me this looks like writing every morning, exercising, listening to music, finding a balance between connection […]

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JANUARY 27, 2014

“The drive to manifest your potential adds to your risk for addiction – and so does tampering that drive down.” – Eric Maisel Man alive have I found this to be true. It’s a double-edged sword and one that I have not quite figured out. Manifesting our creative energy feels way better than tampering it […]

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JANUARY 16, 2014

I admit to spending most of my memorable life over identifying with the ‘struggler’. Life has felt like an epic continuous struggle – the emotional eating, poor body image, the inability to relax, the lack of confidence, trouble connecting, the bouts of depression, excessive worry, emptiness, the fatigue, etc; I clung onto these ‘struggles’ for […]

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JANUARY 14, 2014

Going through an old journal and stumbled on this little mind map I created for myself. Thought it might resonate with some of you… Big Love.

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JANUARY 13, 2014

I really appreciate this quote from my interview with Bree Greenberg Benjamin from the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy. “As a sensitive, when someone is around us we are ‘ON’. We are never really ‘OFF’ when someone is in our field…That “hardening” that comes from being overexposed to people being in our field is an incredibly […]

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