New Supercharged Shingles Vaccine Has Severe Problems


Since then I don’t suppose I’m the same I get sick now easier then before I additionally get the flu shot every year. I don’t know if it’s related however one thing’s not proper with me after the shingles pictures. I simply want to share my story so that individuals could be informed on the dangers. More research need to be done to understand the unwanted effects and what they’ll do to you.
I am simply not sure I will ever feel healthy and entire again. I had the first Shingrix shot eight/24/2018 and was sick with flu like symptoms for several days in addition to a sore left arm . Decided to get the 2nd shot and acquired it 12/28/2018. I did not have the flu signs this time but the ache within the left arm was horrific. Unfortunately, til this present day 3/thirteen/2019, I still have the pain in my left arm. I can’t sleep on my left aspect and it appears to hurt worse when you lay down.

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I spent the next three days not having the energy to get out of bed, alternately shivering and sweating, crushing headache, and no appetite. By the third day, I was completely dehydrated. I did name my doctor the morning after getting the shot, and they informed me to visit an urgent care facility, but I didn’t have the power to get up and get dressed. I guess I would have just been higher off if someone had told me that the reaction could be this extreme, I would have made plans for it. Let me know if you’ve heard of this taking place with Shingrix. I’m 65, I experience bike for low influence train, and bike is my means, with city bus at instances, of transportation as I don’t personal a car. I am thus a really lively senior knowing train is one of the best drugs.

Never skilled that earlier than the vaccination. I had an everyday verify up at my physician yesterday, and he listened to my lungs, no points. No nasal drip or congestion, feels like there’s a tickle in my chest. I still really feel fully drained, no energy.
I won’t get one other shot and I actually imagine they are attempting to keep us calm with out admitting they are making an attempt to figure this out. I assume they are holding again while they try to get a handle on what is occurring.

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I am 59 yrs old and consider myself to be in wonderful health. After the primary dose, I experienced such ache on the injection website, that radiated into my shoulder, that it woke me up in the midst of the night. I took some ibuprofen and was capable of get back to sleep.
I was finally able to get my first shot on January 17, 2019. It was given in my left shoulder, and within hours, my arm nearly felt paralyzed with ache. Felt like I’d been lifting weights for days. The pain stored me awake it was so intense, then all of the “flu” sort signs started. The “flu” sort signs left after three days. My left arm still has sharp, stabbing pain.

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I’m the type of individual that by no means get sick. I could not consider how a shot could put you down so quick. I advised my physician and he told me that I’m the 1st one which complained. I was reluctant to take the second shot. My wife even advised me to not do it.
It’s troublesome to move it or raise something. Now a bruise has formed where Katie the injection was given, and a faint but definitive flat, pink rash appeared on my left arm this morning.


I am sitting on the sofa now with occasional chills however I have a blanket over my lap and it’s okay. I don’t have a headache nor the stomach upset like the primary time. I am willing to go through these momentary unwanted side effects as a result of I actually have seen individuals I love suffer horribly with shingles. I actually have a major amount of stress in my life that has been thought to cut back a person’s immune response and make them susceptible to a shingles outbreak. For me, I decided it was worth the short-term discomfort and I felt getting the Shingrix vaccine was the proper selection. However, that was the only facet effect that I experienced, I felt fine in any other case. The injection web site was beyond painful, I had chills, spiking fever, nausea, and the worst headache that I can ever bear in mind having.
I actually have little or no faith we’re being informed the reality. I am attempting to inform myself that these unwanted effects will reduce and ultimately go away.

It looks nearly like sunburn, but in a really jagged pattern. For the previous 4 days, my toes will go numb. This alternates between left and proper feet.

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But I did as a result of I feared that I would get the shingles. So two months later I received the second shot and the exact same factor happened to me. This time I took it on a Friday figuring out that if I didn’t feel good at least I wouldn’t need to take time off from work. Sure enough I was in mattress sick flu like signs physique aches and pains joint ache and it was depressing. Of course the spouse stated I advised you so.
I even have also reported the difficulty to my Dr, who was very concerned and will focus on with me at my upcoming appointment in a pair weeks. I am not towards vaccinations however wouldn’t suggest the Shingrix vaccine because Ashley of the extreme pain that I am nonetheless experiencing. When i obtain my 1st shot within 6 hours i became so sick. I took Tylenol on the 1st signal of joint and muscle ache. It put me in bed for a day and a half.

There are instances that I can’t even raise my arm to place garments on. My husband has to help me dress and undressed. I was fifty eight when I took the shot and determined to since at age 53 I had Chicken Pox and shingles have plagued several of my family members. I even have reported my points to the CDC however haven’t been contacted again.
  • My first was administered in February ’19.
  • I am fifty nine yrs old and think about myself to be in glorious well being.
  • For the next couple of days I was headachy, had the chills, and also had a stomach ache.
  • I simply acquired my second dose of Shingrix yesterday (June 27, ’19).

I do not recommend rje Shingrix vaccines. I obtained my first Shringrix shot in August 2018. My arm was sore and I didn’t really feel very well however that all went away in about 2 days. Then I started to notice how sore my joints felt and my muscles felt sore and I had aches and pains in my legs and arms. To be trustworthy I did not instantly connect it to my Shringrix shot. It has steadily gotten worse and it’s now hard to sleep. my arms and shoulders ache all the time.

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I slept on and off, many times, in 10 hours. I woke to even worse body aching, sweating, worse headache, ear ache, even each of my eyes aching, and now sometimes coughing up phlegm. I noticed my mother with shingles and realize it’s a lot worse than I’m experiencing proper now as I kind this. I’m additionally feeling weak, under no circumstances like going anyplace, even to my mailbox. The reason I came to this fine website is because of all of this taking place with the second injection and not the primary. I hadn’t been in public for at least seventy two or 96 hours earlier than this, so I believe it’s from this injection.
Sometimes it’s a low-degree manageable ache and generally it’s incapacitating. Are You Aware of Few Common Side Effects of CBD Oil and How You Can Avoid Them? cannot sleep at night and the throbbing muscle spasms in my legs wake me up all through the night.
I had my first Shingrix vaccination on June 26, 2019. I had a very sore arm for several days at the injection web site, worse of any shot I’ve ever had. I only had a slight physique ache feeling for a day, and that was it. So yesterday I had my second injection at 1PM. I didn’t suppose a lot of it as I did so properly with the primary injection.
My wheezing by no means went away and am now being handled for pneumonia and bronchitis. I suppose the 2nd vaccine is causing all of this. Prior to the vaccines by no means had any medical concerns…I am now 60 and am nervous what sort of injury has been carried out.

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Even this time the ache on the injection site is slight, and provided that I press on the area. In the evening I urinated no less than 5 times.
For the following couple of days I was headachy, had the chills, and likewise had a abdomen ache. My pharmacist advised me of the attainable side effects but I poo-pooed them as a result of I’ve by no means had a unfavorable reaction to any flu shot or DPT or MMR booster. However, I was humbled by my reaction to the Shingrix vaccine. Even so, I returned yesterday for my second dose. Yes, my arm hurts but not as badly as the first time and I slept via the night time.

I must say that what occurred to me after my shingles photographs that if I had a option to do it another time I would say no. I have had shingles eight times, so I maintain oral Valacyclovir, along with topical Denavir cream available at all times. I was approved to get the Shingrix vaccination virtually a year ago, however it has been on back order from the producer. Each time CVS received any, they were giving it to those who had already received the first shot.

I simply obtained my second dose of Shingrix yesterday (June 27, ’19). My first was administered in February ’19.
My knees are sore and I really feel very fragile. I cannot consider this has occurred. The medical doctors deny it is related to this shot however too many people are experiencing this for it to all be a coincidence. The shot isn’t Alina obtainable now for the second dose as they say there may be simply too much demand and they’re going to let me know when it is my flip.

Has anybody else heard of the second injection rendering adverse results and not the first? I hope I helped inform others too. Rash was extra mild, however took a number of weeks to disappear. I was not going to get the second vaccine, but my physician convinced me to take action and the rash was not related th shingles. Received the 2nd vaccine in Jan 19 and for 24 hours had severe flu like systems. All side effects had been gone apart from wheezing after a number of days. Both photographs/vaccine left my arm swollen and painful for three days.

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