Book Club

Recommended Books About Overeating & the Highly Sensitive Person/Empath

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.  ~Edmund Burke

Meet the list of books I have been compiling for some time now.  They have been falling in my lap in the most synchronistic of ways over the past year and I am dying to read them with you.

I have created this virtual book club for three very important reasons:

One, I L.O.V.E. to read.

Two, the books I am called to read as of late, are books surrounding the trait of high sensitivity.  I find the more knowledge I acquire about being an HSP; the more able I am to flourish in the world and I want you to flourish too.

And three, I tend to read books with haste.  I can’t soak up knowledge fast enough.  I find myself turning the last page with a slight discontent that I failed to savor and truly engage with the pages that I just raced through.  That said, the virtual book club was born with the intention of slowing down my reading.  (Similar to the way my emotional eating practice was born with the intention of slowing down around food.  Ironic, eh?)

Slow down with me.  Be present. Engage.

Interested in reading a particular book as it relates to emotional eating and/or the Highly Sensitive Person? Email me here, and we can add it to the list!

AUGUST: The Gifts of Imperfection  By, Brene Brown

SEPTEMBER: The Happiness Project  By, Gretchen Rubin

OCTOBER: The Places That Scare You  By, Pema Chodron

NOVEMBER: I though It Was Just Me  By, Brene Brown

DECEMBER: The Big Leap By, Gay Hendricks

JANUARY : The Red BookBy, Sera Beak

FEBRUARY: Pronoia By, Rob Brezsny

MARCH: Blue Truth By, David Deida

APRIL: Help, Thanks, Wow By, Anne Lamott

MAY:Full Body Presence By, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

JUNE: The Highly Sensitive Person in Love By, Elaine Aron

JULY: Daring Greatly By, Brene Brown

AUGUST: Women Who Run with the Wolves By, Clarissa Pinkola Estes

SEPTEMBER: Become the Most Important Person in the Room By, Rose Rosetree

OCTOBER: Eating in the Light of the Moon By, Anita A. Johnston

NOVEMBER: The Untethered Soul By, Michael A. Singer

DECEMBER: The Bite in the Apple By, Chrisann Brennan