About Kate



I’m Kate and I am so glad you found your way here.

I am an emotional eating coach for the sensitive soul.

As a highly sensitive person myself, I understand how easy it is to get completely lost in the depth of all that we feel.  I get how remarkably simple it is to fall into addictions to cope with this depth.  Having known numb really well, I empathize with living partly between the worlds of the living and the dead.  

But most of all, I wholeheartedly grasp what sensitive souls are capable of when they are not struggling with addiction to food, thoughts, and control. 

I see your destiny, and it is vast (hint: it matches the size of your heart).

You are a quiet leader, a creative visionary, and a humble healer.

The world needs the complexity of your inner world to come up and out.

That is where I come in…

My profound understanding of the highly sensitive trait will guide you to freedom around food so that you may start living a life that fills the capacity of who you are.  Like me, you are probably well versed in the self-help aisle and may have tried every naturopathic remedy and supplement on the market to try and “fix” yourself, yet nothing has helped.  You’re passion and enthusiasm to heal speak volumes about who you are.  Truly.

Perhaps you are reading this now, and are thinking, “this is it“!  Maybe you will go out and learn all you can on the trait of high sensitivity (I did this).  But I can tell you that the healing does not happen in the analyzing, the healing happens in the action.  Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way says, “reading the course is not the same as doing the course.”  It’s the difference between analyzing life and actually living it. 

I want you to live life.  I want you to fully feel the capacity of all you were born to feel.  Your vast ability to sense is your greatest gift and I am certain I can guide you to a place of understanding this; a place where food is no longer an issue and anxiety no longer reigns supreme.



I was born anxious.  That is me at age three, with a death grip on my beach chair and a belly full of nerves.  My mom tells me I did not leave the beach chair that day because I thought the sand was too hot, too coarse, and too grainy.  This pretty much sums up most of my life growing up.

Everything felt TOO much, including me.  

I sat in the back of classrooms and danced on the outskirts of social settings because that’s all I could manage without getting overwhelmed.   Author Judith Orloff describes the experience of being highly sensitive as going through the world feeling with 50 fingers as opposed to 10, and that is exactly how I felt.

Walking around in a sensitive body allowed me to accurately pick up the feelings of others and take them on as my own.  I fast became focused on my friend’s problems and tended to gravitate towards those who seemed to be in the most pain and the one’s who were not socially accepted.  I could meet them there.  I knew pain, and identified with being alone.

By the time high school hit, I was feeling so much,  a lot of which was not mine, that I could not bear being in my body any longer.  So I left it.  Food became my escape route.  For nearly a decade, food consumed my every waking thought.   It is what I woke up thinking about and how I plotted my days.  Often, I found myself tip toeing around the house in the middle of the night to raid the fridge.  I lead this secretive and incredibly small existence but I was safe.  I did not have to feel the intensity of my own feelings and that of those around me.

I was successfully numb.

Under the whirling anxiety and bouts of depression that came with my compulsion to food, raged incredible digestive/auto-immune disorders that made it impossible to function “normally” in the world.  I yearned for normalcy and longed for connection, it just felt so far away.

It was not until I stumbled on the trait of high sensitivity that I was able to really, fully heal.  Living in a sensitive body and not understanding myself felt like an absolute curse.  But I can honestly say, after learning how to meet my needs and lead with all that I sense, I see it as an incredible blessing.  

I am so grateful for this journey, painful, as it has been.  It has brought me to you.  If you are interested in learning more about my story, please feel free to cuddle up and stay awhile. This is me (uncensored):

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Kate Stefans received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University in the spring of 2006.  She went on to receive her holistic nutrition training and certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ® earning accreditation from The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and Purchase College, SUNY.  Before founding Kate Stefans, LLC in 2011, Kate worked in digital advertising media in New York City.

Inspired by Ane Axford’s Sensitive Leadership Program which utilizesThe Highly Sensitive Hierarchy of Needs™ (HSHN), Kate completed Ane’s 10-month course in order to enhance her ability to serve this (often neglected) sensitive niche.  Most recently, Kate ventured down the path of energy healing, getting her Level II Reiki Certification (Usui Reiki Ryoho) and working closely with a private healing center in NYC.

Kate now lives in the green mountains of Waterbury Vermont where she remotely runs her 1:1 coaching practice full-time.  She is heavily involved in the yoga and healing arts community, and continues to participate in programs that help her to better serve her own well being as well as her growing sensitive following.