1:1 Coaching


If you are ready to go all in, this program is for you.  I believe the highly sensitive person must become an emotional expert in order to flourish (without addictions) in the world.   I agree with Dr. Elaine Aaron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, when she says that “Sensitive people need to be skilled amateur Psychologists.”  In our three months together, I will arm you with very specific knowledge about your sensitive body while supporting you in the application of this knowledge.

The program is three months in duration because I want the work that we do together to be the work that changes everything.  During these three months, you will feel extremely supported, gain incredible wisdom, and begin your journey to visibility and taking up greater space in the world.  A lighter existence in your body and in your mind, guaranteed.

  • 1:1 Attention – Two 60 Minutes Sessions each month (over the phone/via skype)
  • Unlimited Text/Email Access in between our sessions
  • The Big Easy – Access to online course.  (The learnings shared inside ‘The Big Easy’ are a compilation of what I have known to be true in healing my own compulsion to food, thoughts and control.  If you are drawn to work together, the supplementation of this course in addition to our monthly 1:1 calls will be a major catalyst to moving beyond anxiety, depression and addiction.)
  • Open Office Hours – once a month I open up my calendar for 3 hours for anything you might need clarity on (outside of our sessions)

CLARITY SESSION (90 Minutes) :: $229

I do believe that one phone call can change your life.  If you are stuck and find yourself paralyzed in the same behaviors that you have been coping with for years, perhaps even decades, this session will gently release the death grip that food and anxiety have been playing out for you. In this 90 Minute Session (over the phone), we will identify exactly what is holding you back and lay out a firm action plan to apply going forward.

Expect to leave the call with a sense of ease and a general understanding of your sensitive body and how to operate it without using food as a crutch.

MONTHLY Q+A SESSIONS (50 Minutes) :: $100

“Without a listener, the healing process is aborted.  Human beings, like plants that bend toward the sunlight, bend towards others in an innate healing tropism.  There are times when being truly listened to is more critical than being fed.” – Miriam Greenspan

Given my sensitive disposition, I understand the necessity of being consistently validated.  Because we can easily get lost in all that we feel, it is so necessary that we synch up with someone that we trust to be heard, listened too, and supported.  I created monthly Q+A Sessions out of my own desire to be heard in this way.  Sometimes I just want to be reassured that where I am and what I am feeling is OK.  These sessions are for those clients who have completed the Three Month Mastery Program and want to continue working together or for the Sensitive Insider Community members who are looking for a more hands on approach.

Requirements for Monthly Q+A Sessions:

  • Must be a contributing member of The Sensitive Insider Community or have worked with me 1:1 before (either participated in a 90 Minute Clarity Session or taken part in the Three Month Mastery Program)
  • Required to come to Q+A Sessions with a list of thoughts/questions (Perhaps you need support in your entrepreneurial endeavors?  Maybe you want advice around a relationship issue? Or it could be that you jot down a list of things you are curious about and want to spitball with someone who is on the same page!)
  • May choose as little or many appointments as you like each month.  We can talk three times a month if there is something you are needing extra care around and not talk at all the month following.  It is up to you how consistently our conversations are,
  • My calendar will be refreshed on the 1st of each month and appointments will be first come first serve.
  • All sessions will be 50 minutes in duration.

Book you Monthly Q+A Sessions HERE!



“To help people overcome emotional eating, it requires being incredibly gentle, sensitive and understanding. Kate embodies these qualities to a tee. I have referred clients directly to Kate, because I know they will be well-cared for in her hands. She’s overcome some incredible internal struggles, and has the wisdom to help you do the same.”  Nisha Moodley, San Francisco, Fierce Fabulous Free


“Choosing to work with Kate was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Initially, I wavered in making that decision.  Could she really help me graduate out of emotional eating?  That had been a struggle of 16 years!   She assured me that I would be able to wake up without food being my regulatory drug of choice each day. I must say that she delivered.  What I didn’t expect was that my entire life would have a shift!  She helped me to relate to my sensitivity and emotional life from a whole new vantage point.  Kate has a way of asking the right questions and opening me up to new possibilities while traveling through every day situations.  She helped me to really identify and get to know and accept the real me.  Her understanding of sensitivity gave me so much insight.  Now, I am able to create a container of love and nourishment in my life so I can better thrive and serve those around me.  Kate was able to meet me right where I am at as a wife, mother and coach.  I can now appreciate and relate to my emotions while enjoying food as the nourishment it was intended to be.  Even as I’m feeling more, life has just lightened up!  From this space, weight has naturally come off with no intentional effort.  Priceless!” –Julia CurryIndiana, Eating Psychology Coach & Wellness Advocate

“Before working with Kate, I hadn’t realized that so much of the struggle in my inner and outer world stemmed from a strong disconnection and harsh judgment toward my sensitive nature.  As a child through adulthood, I pushed myself, ignored my needs, and did not honor my true gifts and depth fully.   I felt as if something was wrong with me and was confused by my overwhelm in a world that seemed to “have it more together.”  My time with Kate has been deeply healing impacting both my professional work, the way I relate to and take care of myself, and how I show up in the world around me.  I am now far, far more understanding, and many times more compassionate, towards myself and aware of how to honor the way I process stimulus.  There is a beauty and a gift in being a highly sensitive, high sensation-seeking, introverted woman in the world.  (There is such a thing!) The journey is rich and revealing.  Kate is a soul-sister, wise woman, and friend. A true gift in my world and a gift to anyone who is open to receiving the lessons in their own sensitivity.” – Laura Burkett, Grand Rapids MI, Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Counselor

“I am new to the Highly Sensitive Person world.  I had just thought I was crazy, or that something was wrong with me. Kate is an HSP “Whisperer”.  I’ve worked with Kate one-on-one and through her online program “The Big Easy”, and couldn’t have asked for a gentler, more nurturing guide into my own nature as a Highly Sensitive Person. Her advice is spot on, and her openness and honesty, refreshing. I highly recommend working with her.” – Randina Casenza, Los Angeles, Artist

“Prior to finding Kate, I feared I would never feel free from the shame, isolation and pain caused by emotional eating. Working with Kate, I am learning to honor my highly-sensitive self and take care of my body.  She is an incredible listener and guide, creating a safe and motivating environment for growth. Kate has given me the tools I need to make lasting changes in my relationship with food, and I am amazed by the results.” –Allison D., New York 

“Having had no previous experience with a “food coach”, I wasn’t sure what to expect during my first phone call with Kate.  She immediately put me at ease with her gentle, grounded voice and tone.  In subsequent sessions,  Kate gave me useful tips that were practical but more than anything she helped to shift my mindset out of victimhood for my several food intolerances (sugar, dairy, gluten, and preservatives).  After working with Kate I felt empowered and wanted to make healthier choices.” Diane Y., California